Updating custom tracking url

I am from Carry, a same day delivery provider, and we are working with a retailer to be one of their carriers. We are not fully integrated with ShipHero as a carrier, so our plan was to rely on existing webhooks to receive the data we need and plug into our workflows.

We wanted to pass back a custom tracking URL to ShipHero using the shipping API. I was reading through this post which mentions the ability to set the tracking link when setting up a customer to use us as a carrier. I had a few questions regarding this setup.

  • What triggers the Shipment Updated webhook?
  • How can I associate a shipment with an order? The order webhook payload doesn’t contain a shipment id
  • How would I send a custom tracking link e.g. https://tracking.company.com/number123 to my client? I see the tracking_number and custom_tracking_url fields in the shipment api, but am not quite sure where and when to set them

Hello @Yash!

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  1. The Shipment Updated Webhook is triggered when a shipment is created. This can be using our UI to fulfill the order or creating a shipment through the API using the shipment_create mutation.
  2. At the moment of creation, the shipment is always associated with an order. In the UI because you are shipping a particular order and using the API because the mutation requires the order_id field to be complete.
  3. To set up a custom tracking link, you could set up a Generate Label Webhook. You can find more information here: Webhooks – Developer Resources | ShipHero. In a nutshell, this is setting up a custom shipping method in your retailer’s ShipHero account, which hast the custom_tracking_url. Whenever they ship an order using that method, we send a webhook to your endpoint requesting a label. In the response, apart from the label URL and other fields, you can send us a tracking_number, which we will append to the custom_tracking_url to build the whole URL.

Please let me know if you require further help.

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Thanks, this was very helpful!

From the link you sent us, it seems like our API would have to return an image. Our client was hoping to manually generate a generic label but just use the webhook to update tracking information. Is this possible?

Hello @yash!

Once created, Shipments or Labels can’t be modified.

Another option would be following this flow: Order Fulfillment – Developer Resources | ShipHero

This mimics the Fulfillment of an order but using the API. However, setting the order as Fulfilled and Subtracting inventory is not done automatically when creating the Shipment/Label, that is why you need to run all 3 mutations specified in that link.

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