ShipHero Shipment Update webhook event

Hi ShipHero team,

I have registered a shipment update webhook event in ShipHero org. When I create a shipment record in ShipHero, I get only following fields in the response from webhook event.

My Response
“webhook_type”:“Shipment Update”,
“shipment_id” : my shipment id,
“shipment_uuid” : “my shipment UUID id”,
“warehouse” : “Primary”,
“warehouse_id” : warehouse id,
“warehouse_uuid” : “warehouse UUID”,
“webhook_type” : “Shipment Update”,
“order_number” : “My Order Number”,
“order_uuid” : “Order UUID”,
“partner_order_id” : “Partner Order Id”

Expected Response given in the ShipHero API documentation

“test”: “0”,
“fulfillment”: {
“shipment_id”: 95544424,
“partner_order_id”: “MO191”,
“order_number”: “MO191”,
“tracking_number”: “1Z5AR6970399365193”,
“line_items”: [{
“id”: “MO191-301705549”,
“shiphero_id”: 407839455,
“quantity”: 1,
“sku”: “1122334581”,
“serial_numbers”: ,
“customs_description”: “a description”,
“package”: “Package #1”,
“lot_id”: null,
“lot_name”: null,
“lot_expiration”: null
“custom_tracking_url”: “”,
“shipping_method”: “UPS Ground”,
“shipping_carrier”: “UPS”,
“shipping_address”: {
“name”: “tomas wingord”,
“address1”: “55 W RAILROAD AVE BLDG 4”,
“address2”: “BLDG 4”,
“address_city”: “GARNERVILLE”,
“address_zip”: “10923-1261”,
“address_state”: “NY”,
“address_country”: “US”
“warehouse”: “Primary”,
“warehouse_id”: 11790,
“package”: {
“length”: 1,
“width”: 1,
“height”: 1,
“weight”: 336.48
“created_at”: “2020-08-21 13:04:06”
“label_cost”: “8.36”

Please help.


Hello @swati!

Can you share with me, privately if you prefer, the shipment or order ID so I can trace it on our backend what went on with it?

Have a nice day!

Hi @tomasfd,

Appreciate your quick response, let me please share the Shipment Id.
Have a nice day!


Hey @SwatiOmni123!
Can you reach out to eh user that’s making the shipments and confirm how they are shipping?
Those last shipments are from an order that was already shipped, and it didn’t have its first label voided, so I think the problem lies in the way it’s being shipped.
Kind regards,