I just need some confirmation from your end. As I am not able to see anything in Shiphero API to get the child account information

Please see the screenshot- https://nimb.ws/jXAh2f
1st order is before we updated the API it was going to the Child account before we used API key.
2nd is order after API is updated & I have used Same account Shiphero but refresh & Access keys.
Can you confirm both these orders created on which account & on which shop child or 3PL? I do not have login access to shiphero so not able to check I am only able to pass it via API.

Our order is created on Shiphero but not in a particular shop.
We are sending all these details- https://nimb.ws/lna2o0
What I need to do additionally to send it to the child account?

Hi @madhupatel
Is there any chance you could send me the request_id?
That way I will be able to see what account you are connected to and check whatever you are sending
Thanks in advance!

Hi @tomasw
“request_id”: “5f06ad203cbd26838e2e40a5”

Hey @madhupatel
I think I see what you are referring to.
So when you created the order on 07/06/2020 you used the credentials from the 3PL account, but you did not include the customer_account_id in the mutation.
The reason it fails is that the orders must be created on the 3PL Child account, and not the 3PL.
If you create it, using the credentials of a 3PL User, you must include the customer_account_id field, so the order gets successfully created in the 3PL Child account
Let me know if my explanation might be confusing so I can try to explain better.
Thanks again!

Hello Team
I want to Get old order from shiphero account i.e all orders(from 2012 to 2020) and I am trying below query to get old data from 2017-10-01 to 2017-10-05 but not getting any orders in API response. actually we have 411 orders between these dates (order_date_from: “2017-10-01”,order_date_to:“2017-10-05”) in shiphero but what we are getting from API is not matched with Shiphero account. Orders count are mismatched.
Can you please confirm why we are not getting orders.

query {orders(order_date_from: “2017-10-01”,order_date_to:“2017-10-05”) { data{ edges {cursor node { id legacy_id order_number shop_name fulfillment_status order_date profile required_ship_date shipping_lines { carrier method price } shipments{warehouse_id} shipping_address { first_name last_name address1 address2 city state state_code zip country } tags line_items(first: 2) { edges { node { id sku quantity product_name fulfillment_status quantity_allocated backorder_quantity barcode } } } shipments { id order_id user_id warehouse_id address { name address1 address2 city state country zip } shipped_off_shiphero dropshipment } returns { id reason status } } } } } }

some order numbers for account identity(#132132384,#132132383,#132132382,#132132381)
for more info please check the below details and screenshots.

Hi @madhupatel
Any chance you could provide the request_id you are getting back? That way I can check the account it belongs to and make that same Query to reproduce
Thanks in advance!