Importing OrderItems with pipe '|'

Hello ShipHero Team,

we’re currently setup with CartRover for the ShipHero integration.
Today we’ve tried to make the switch from the legacy REST api to the “new” GraphQL API.
Unfortunately we’ve realized after the switch, that order imports were running into an error.
All of our Items have a pipe like this “10-63-5-7|17” for example. CartRover returns the error “Failed to send order date to ShipHero. Error Msg: Product with sku 10-63-5-717 does not exist”.
As you can see it seems like the pipe goes missing somewhere along the line.

I don’t know if it’s on your side or on the side of CartRover.
The reason I message you here, is that this issue is of time sensitive nature.
Could you please tell me wether sending a pipe within the LineItem during a GraphQL mutation breaks the import.

Best Regards

Hi @sHelme
You might have to contact CartRover about this, and the reason is that I tried by doing the following:

  1. Creating a SKU in ShipHero “10-63-5-7|17”
  2. Placing an order with the order_create mutation directly to the Public API

And the order was successfully created, so maybe there is something on CartRover that is changing “10-63-5-7|17” to “10-63-5-717”?

Let me know if this doesn’t help
Thanks in advance!

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Hello Tom,

thank you for your reply. That was already quite helpful.
I will forward this information to CartRover

Best Regards

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