Line items error

Hi Community! I noticed an error with some purchase orders whereby we cannot get the line items:

Am I doing anything wrong in the query? Thanks in advance!

Hi @Eduardo!
Do you happen to have the request_id?
Thanks in advance!

Of course!

I have round 20 PO with this error. If you need more info just tell me

Thanks for that @Eduardo!

That error is because there is a product on that PO that doesn’t exist on ShipHero.
You will need to create the product in your account. We are also working on improving that error message returned.

Thanks again and I will keep you posted on the progress of the request!

Hi Tom! Thanks for your reply and sorry for my late. If i understood correctly, if I create again the product deleted the error will disappear?

That is correct @Eduardo!

We are working on improving those error messages when this happens, but creating those unexisting/deleted will solve it

Thanks again!

Definitely, these messages would be a great help! And the last question, at the moment of (re)creation the products, these should have the same names? or SKU? Or what is the way to link them with the purchase orders?

Absolutely @Eduardo!
They should have the same SKU, and as soon as they get created (or recreated) the message should go away :slightly_smiling_face: