Inventory Sell_Ahead not included in Available Quantity

Based on the glossary (Glossary of Inventory Terms – ShipHero) sell_ahead should be included in the available inventory.

For product_id UHJvZHVjdEluZm86MzE0NzI1NTE2, we see the following values:

"on_hand": 2,
"allocated": 2,
"available": 0,
"sell_ahead": 11,

The glossary implies On Hand + Sell Ahead - Allocations = Available, but that doesn’t hold for this product.

Can you please advise? Is sell_ahead not actually included in the available inventory total?



Hi @rypaul12

The available with sell ahead value is shown in the sales channel. Still, in ShipHero, the available does not include the sum of the sell ahead because it is a different field.

In your example, the store’s availability will be 11, while in ShipHero, it is 0 because you don’t physically have that in the warehouse. This allows your store to show a positive inventory amount so that customers can order the product while you receive it in a purchase order or a transfer of locations.

I hope this clears your doubts.

Have a nice day!