Product sell ahead - correct available amount


I have a customer having a problem with the sell ahead option, and we’re having some problems regarding updating the stock on the webshop.

When we use the sell ahead option on a PO, the stock should be updated on the webshop, so we can sell more than is actually on stock.

When we get an inventory update webhook on a product with sell ahead, we don’t get any info about the sell ahead, and the inventory isn’t including the sell ahead amount, and therefore we don’t get the available amount, so we can update the webshop with the correct available amount.

Can you please include info about sell ahead in the webhook data? Or - how do we make a simple lookup on a product, to get the available amount including the sell ahead amount.


@tomasw - Will you look into this?

Hi @Webtimisten!
Unfortunately, that information is not currently available on that webhook, the webhook only contains the On Hand quantity.
For the available number, you will need to Query for the product or the Purchase Order instead.
Thanks in advance!

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