Huge problem! Products available?


We have a huge problem regarding product availability in our shops.

We thought we got a webhook for inventory changes when a product is allocated to an order, so we can adjust the available inventory amount on the shop and also mark the product as sold out.

We have now found out that we only get a webhook when the order is sent and the inventory is actually updated.

It’s critical that we update the shops with the available amount in real time as they get allocated.

What can we do?

Hi @Webtimisten!
That is correct, the Inventory Update webhook triggers upon On Hand changes only, but not when the items allocate.
We will be adding the On Hand quantity to be sent in the webhook as well.

I could log a request for the webhook to be triggered each time allocation changes, but it will need to be reviewed because not sure how possible that would be.

Let me know if that would work for you.
Thanks in advance!

I think that would work, but we need a solution quick as Black Friday is just around the corner.

What options do we have until we get the webhook option?

Thanks for confirming that @Webtimisten!
I just logged the request for the webhook to trigger when the available changes (an item allocates)

As for the other options, you could Query for allocated quantity on products to know how many are already allocated, or run an Inventory Snapshot once a day to collect that information and find the discrepancies between what you have as allocated on your system, but that will require someone who knows your integration and see how the workflow could be arranged to collect the allocated amount without using the webhook

Thanks again, and I will let you know as soon as I get a response back from our engineers!