Inventory webhooks not being sent

I’ve setup ~30 webhooks for inventory and have yet to see a webhook sent to my server. The webhooks have been active for a few days and we’ve processed orders/updated inventory counts since the webhooks were created.

I checked the URL assigned to each webhook and the URLs are correct.

Any ideas on why webhooks would not be sending?

Do you have a request-id for the for the webhook so that I can check out the logs? Thank you in advance.

Here’s a requestID for one of our create_webhook mutations


Hi Theresa, have you heard anything on why webhooks are not fulfilling?

Thank you for the request id. It looks like the webhook itself is not valid. These are the available webhooks:

  • Inventory Update
  • Shipment Update
  • Order Canceled
  • Capture Payment
  • PO Update
  • Return Update
    The one you have registered is of type

I’ve created a new webhook for our test account. Could you let me know if this is setup correctly?

Request ID: 60f89cb8dcbac5922979db5a

The name portion of the data in the mutation needs to be “Inventory Update” , not “Revere Sport LTD Inventory Webhook”