Issue with Packing Note

Hi there.
I have been testing my custom API integration, specifically for what concerns order_create.
We have the possibility for our clients to add an order note, which is then added to the “Packing Note” section of Shiphero orders.
This all works fine, except for one instance:
When an order is made to an identical address to a previous order, and is thus considered to be mergeable, the Packing Note is not added to the order upon order_create. This even if the orders aren’t merged on the Shiphero app.
The result is a blank “Packing Note” on these mergeable orders (never the first instance, always the subsequent ones).
Is there any reason for this? Maybe I am doing something wrong in my integration?
Please let me know if you need example orders and I will send you the data.
Thank you.


Hi @Csraspini
I apologize for the delayed response to this!

That would be great! So far this is what I have tried:

  1. Creating an order with the order_create Mutation and a Packing note
  2. Created the second order with the same address and other Packing note

But then on both, order detail page and when shipping I do get the packer note for both of them.

Please let me know if I got any step wrong or maybe you have an example you could share (request_ids would be great)

Thanks in advance!!

it seems to be working now… not sure what happened. thank you!

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