Triggering a shipment with custom labels

Hi there, many thanks in advance for your guidance.

I’m looking to provide ShipHero with custom labels that should be attached to our packages or case packs; the labels are customer specific used for internal tracking purposes. How can I achieve this via the GraphQL API?
I would still expect ShipHero to arrange the shipping w/ the carrier.

We already feed the orders into ShipHero via the Shopify integration. I couldn’t figure out a way to advise ShipHero to attach custom labels to the case packs or cartons they would ship out with the preferred carrier.

Thank you

Hi @candrei
And on the UI how would you expect that label to show on the order?
Is adding the link to that label as packing_note a possibility?

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks @tomasw, really useful! Using packing_note is an interesting solution. We could provide instructions under that section, ie: download the labels (from a publicly available web link) & how to attach them to each box, etc. I wonder if that would be feasible. I’m concerned about the lack of feedback whether the instructions were clear and were implemented.