Label generation (for Carrier not support)


We are seriously considering Shiphero as a replacement for our existing WMS, but being based in the UK means a lot of our smaller carriers are not available (even through Sendcloud/Shippo).

The main carrier I’m missing (DX) has a pretty simple API and we don’t do rate shopping, Shipstation has an integration for it already, does it make sense to try and integrate SH - Shipstation or will that not make the job easier?

I have c# development experience but this goes a bit beyond my knowledge, is there a way for me to make the two talk together easier (like some kind of no code platform).

Or can someone point me in a direction for someone to look at it for me, I did get a quote from Viking and Apiworx but their quotes were eye watering.

Hey @bob-bob,

Thanks for reaching out and considering ShipHero as a replacement!

You would be able to use that carrier through our Generate Label Webhook . With this method you can use carriers that aren’t supported by ShipHero. After registering this webhook with us, we will call a URL that is provided to print the label. The endpoint must return an image (PNG or PDF) and be able to accept a JSON payload.

For this to work successfully you will need to build a middleware for this. The middleware needs to be able to pick the payload we send in the webhook then use that to quote the carrier(s) and then based on that, you’d need to build the response as we expect.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concern or if there’s anything I can do to assist.


Thanks, that’s very helpful. Is there any other reading or suggestions for a service I could use to build/host the middleware?

Using webhooks to build Zapier zaps is about all I’ve done for a long time so any direction is appreciated :slight_smile: