Pitney Bowes Carrier Integration


We are looking to set up an integration with Pitney Bowes to utilize them as a carrier option during outbound fulfillment. Per PB, Shiphero is not a standard integration they currently have set up. We are wondering what next steps are to get an integration with PB set up so that they are selectable as a carrier option in the shipping portal.

Thank you

Hi @avpekala
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Are you looking for integration inside ShipHero or maybe the Generate Label Webhook is something you can work with?


The Integration inside ShipHero might need to be passed as a Feature Request to our engineers to analyze if we could implement it.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Tomas,

Thanks! I’m not immediately sure if the Generate Label webhook would be of use here, as I’m not super familiar with our API setup and whether this would work on PB’s end. I do have API documentation from PB that I could pass along, so I’m wondering if the Shiphero engineering team might need to take a look at that documentation to determine how this would need to be set up?

HIi @avpekala!
My apologies for the delayed response about this.
Absolutely! send it over, then I can share it with the team through a Feature Request so that they can evaluate it and let us know if this could be build or not.
Thanks again!

Hey @tomasw , appreciate the followup. I can definitely send the documentation over, but is there a best way to send that over to you? Would email or direct message be best, or should that just be posted on this thread?

@tomasw just wanted to follow up here and see if there was any certain way I should send API documentation over. Just let me know and I can follow up as needed.


Hi @avpekala!

Is it a URL? like https://developer.shiphero.com/ or is it a document?
If it’s a Document you can send that over to us at support@shiphero.com and create a ticket so we could place a Feature Request for that.
Thanks again!

Hey @tomasw , my apologies, here is the link to the documentation. Let me know if anything else might be needed to help review this integration.


Thanks for that @avpekala !
We just logged the request and it will be reviewed by our team. We will let you know as soon as we get a resolution back for the request.
Thanks again!

thanks @tomasw ! Please let me know as there is an ETA for completing this review, and if any additional information from our end might be required.

hey @tomasw , just wanted to circle back and see if there was an ETA on the review by the engineering team. Let me know if there is any update here.


Hi @avpekala
My apologies for the delayed response about this!

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to build the integration in the short term. The main reason for this is that we don’t have the engineering resources to dedicate to this integration at the moment.
We will keep this request on our list in case this could be opened in the future.
Thanks again for the patience and I apologize for the inconvenience!