Line_items data missing occasionally by purchase_order query


We migrated from REST API to GraqhQL API recently.

Comparing to legacy API, we found line_items data missing occasionally by purchase_order command.

PO legacy_id = 549897, normally it has 19 line_items, and one SKU is 2002M403GYS/M.

The 2002M403GYS/M item data is missing when purchase_order command was requested at 19:02 yesterday, which means we only got 18 items at that time. But the data exists in the previous query and next query.

Same situation happened recently to others line_items (in different PO), eg. 2002K414LNM,2001S998BKXS,2002Q960GYM, etc.

Can you please check this issue and let me know the resolution.


Hi @Jarvis!
Is there any chance you might have the request_id from when you saw the 18?
Or in case it happens again you can provide that exact request_id?
Thanks in advance!


The SKU 2002M470GYS is missing from the request 5f6b5cda86df11f0bf6ab1f2.

But it exists from previous requests 5f6b40bf8f5781c36a8820b2, 5f6b2491d56e57f355c07136.

Please help to check.


Thanks for the those requests_id’s @Jarvis!
At a simple look, I’m not seeing see anything off, but I will continue to investigate this.
Thanks again for the patience!

Hi @Jarvis!
I just wanted to provide an update on this.
Are you still seeing those missing line items?

The reason I ask is that we are still unable to reproduce. So far we have tried by running the same PO query multiple times a day and we cannot make it occur.
Also, the reason why we reproduce is that we store the request but not the response to the mutations.

Thanks again!