Select Box Type Through the API

How do I select/pick the box_id my pickers and packers will use through the API?

We want to do 3d Tetris.

Hi @captainjack
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This would be for when you are creating an order with a Mutation, you want to be able to specify the Order’s Box to use. Is that correct?

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Yes, that’s correct. I want to select the order box before it is packed and picked if possible.

Thought I would ping this question again since I would like to do the same. It seems that we are not able to query all the boxes available through the API. Is this correct?

Hi Nabelops, welcome to the community!
You cannot query a list of all available boxes through the API. You can see a full list in the UI here: menu access would be Shipping > Boxes in the Dashboard.

Thanks Theresa. I was able to download the boxes in a CSV from there. I was then able to set the box_name for an order with the name text of the box through the order mutation.

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