New Deployment API speed issues

Hello everyone, first time poster
We currently have an API connection that is via a company called Rivery. We use Snowflake for our database. We have many different business connections with Rivery, ie: Shopify, Microsoft SQL. We have been unable to successfully retrieve any usable data from our Ship Hero account involving a handful of data fields, OR over specific time periods.
If I was to open up the system, the connection is made. I can select a table from your dropdown menu. I choose for example Products. I add ‘just’ one data field. I run it… everything works, data is pulled, Snowflake creates a table, and accepts the data. So the system works.
However, the big gottcha. We cannot run anything other than that without the system running for ever until we personally cancel it due to time. I have been in support for the last week, they said come here. Can images be uploaded here? A picture is a 1,000 words

Hello @mikeN!

Your Zendesk ticket is being handled by me. Let’s continue there where there are already some messages and info.

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