Order Statuses in The GraphQl query

I’m using the GraphQl query to get orders, but can’t find a way to know if the order status
has changed to (“Picking”, “Ready to Pack”, “Packed”), which property represents those statuses?

Hey @ahmadMamdouh,

Thanks for reaching out!
As far as I can tell there is no way to get those order statuses through the orders query. I’ll investigate further and see if there is something we can do here.


thanks, I’m waiting for your response.

Hey @ahmadMamdouh,

It turns out it is not possible to get that information through a query.
I’d recommend adding the following webhooks as this might be a potential solution for you.

They are:

  • Order Allocation - will trigger anytime an order gets allocated // This webhook has a field named ready_to_ship that returns a boolean. If all items are allocated or the order has allow_partial=true and any amount of items were allocated, you will receive ready_to_ship=true

  • Tote Complete - will trigger when a MIB or SIB tote pick is completed // You can use this webhook to check if an order has been picked. If it’s not set to allow partial, it should be fully picked.

  • Shipment Update - will trigger when you press print label and contain information related to the shipment.

  • Order Packed Out - will trigger when you press print label and contains information related to the packing process.
    You can use any of these last 2 to know the order has been packed and ready to pick up by the carrier.

As the respective webhook fires, you’ll be able to keep note of the statuses.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Hey @Rayanp ,
thanks a lot , but according to your documentation we can’t rely only on webhooks (attached).
so if there is a way to use reconciliation job to fetch statuses , as mentioned in the note attached , please inform me.

Hey @ahmadMamdouh,

It’s unlikely, but there might be times that a webhook does not fire. However, I believe that is the closest thing we can offer as a workaround at the moment. There are no reconciliation jobs that would also help in this case.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.