'ready_to_ship' status always False?

I’m trying to query what orders are ready to ship but unfulfilled, but while on the dashboard the orders show Ready To Ship status as Yes, the API returns that value as false … Could you pls suggest what I’m missing?
Thank you!

Here’s an example:

{"data":{"order":{"data":{"order_number":"CS206918","shop_name":"FaZe","order_date":"2022-06-14T00:00:00","fulfillment_status":"Unfulfilled FAZE","ready_to_ship":false},"request_id":"62a8a97e8921a52ce6f8d055","complexity":1}}}

Hello @Raj!

That field has been deprecated, it will not show reliable information.

Order Allocated Webhook triggers each time an allocation happens and it includes the field ready_to_ship. This will let you know when the order is ready to ship as soon as it happens.

However, I will suggest you also listen to the Order Deallocated Webhook as some may deallocate some items.

Kind regards,

Hi @tomasfd, That’s really unfortunate. And honestly, it seems more like broken than deprecated.
Deprecated would’ve been when something else would’ve replaced it, but there’s nothing in API that has (webhook is something quite different).
Any chance it will get fixed?
Thank you!