PO Update Webhook

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I was wondering if the PO Update webhook posts an update if an individual line item changes/updates within a PO?

After looking at the docs, I noticed the webhook is “called anytime a purchase order is created or updated,” but wasn’t sure if it extended to line items as well.

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Hey @cschouten,

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I’ll look into this inquiry and get back to you shortly.


Hey @cschouten,

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I partially received a SKU and it did trigger the webhook, so I believe that the PO Update Webhook does trigger off of the line item updates as well.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Ah, good to know. Thanks @Rayanp!

@cschouten As a consumer of this webhook I can also confirm that it does fire a webhook if any item is added or updated but you will not get an on delete trigger. For instance, when item(s) are deleted from the purchase order, it will fire a webhook and the line item array will just not include the deleted item(s).

Each time you get a webhook, it includes all of the information for the purchase order, a fresh copy of the whole thing, po date, number, and all line items’ quantities. Keep in mind that there is no change information like in the product webhook, it just tells you the most recent values for the quantity requested and received.

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