Purchase Order PO Webhook

Do the webhook for PO updates not include if a PO is created?

I receive the proper webhook notifications when a PO is updated / closed etc but never when a new PO is created. Is there a way to get this to work as well?

Hi @atlatin
I just tested it and it sends me one, are you not getting the Webhook?
In that case, do you happen to have the po_id I could check? Or maybe if you could share a request_id I can check your account and the latest PO you created an how

Thanks in advance!

Let me see, will try to get when back. Using Zapier webhook if that makes any difference. Works fine for everything except Newly created POs don’t come through.

@tomasw Is there a way to message this information to you directly instead of on here?

Absolutely @atlatin ! You can reach me at twingord@shiphero.com