Problem with GraphQL Webhook Calls

When we test the webhook call we recently added to test shipment label creation; we get below response from our server:
Bad Request - Invalid URL

This looks like there is a problem with Shiphero calls since they don’t even hit our Api methods successfully but failing at http level. Can it be the webhook call missing to send a POST but does GET instead?

Hi @youparcel
Thanks for reaching out!

That is correct, it looks like it’s the response got from your server. In case it helps you can try using something like to inspect how the request looks like (with Headers and everything) and then make sure your Server supports that request (they are always POST for this webhook)
Thanks again!

Hi Tomas,

Thank you for prompt reply. We have tested our endpoint and it is working actually, but since we have no means of seeing what your end is submitting; we cannot actually see what has gone wrong.

Do you have a log of the calls we made?


Any updates please?

Apparently, you are trying to hit this url:
which I believe is a tab character.

Can you make sure the URL is correct in our webhook URL?

Thanks for that information @youparcel !
Allow me to ask this internally and get back to you asap

Thank you as well Tomas, do you think you can fix it today?

@youparcel It might not be fixed by today but we will try our best.
Would it be possible for us to use one test order from your account to debug this?
Thanks again!

Yes sure, just tested now. Its still the same.

We added this same Webhook link to our other 3PL account too. Can you check that as well?

Hi @youparcel!
Seems it was an empty space on the URL, we updated now and you should be ready to continue with the tsting.
Let us know if there is anything else we could help you with.
Thanks again!