Webhooks trigger issue from Shiphero


I have registered the webhooks, I cancelled a few orders at shiphero and as well as from APIs but registered webhooks for these events are not being triggered from Shiphero. Though These orders have been cancelled at Shiphero. :thinking:

It has been around 10 minutes still not got any webhooks,
Here is my orderId : T3JkZXI6MTQ0OTYyNjQw and orderNumber: MO12
which I cancelled.

Can you please check it what is wrong here :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @khungersumit
check this conversation, I have same problem

Hi @khungersumit!
I do not see any webhooks registered on that account at the moment. Did you happen to delete it?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @tomasw

Can you please check what is the issue with my account and answer the following queries!
here is my Account Email : sumit.khunger22@gmail.com , AccountId : QWNjb3VudDo1NDcyNg==

1).Do I need to have 3PL account and to update inventories?
2). Is this my child account or what else it is, I am using this account credentials to register webhooks
3). I am trying to chat with https://shiphero.com/saas/3pl/ but not getting any response from support team.
4). Is the 3PL account is paid one, Can’t we have a testing account ?

Please reply these important questions :slight_smile:

Hi @tomasw @varun

There are strange things being happened,
I canceled the order and after some time I got 2 webhooks with two different HttpMethod one is GET and the other is HEAD and there is no raw data, I mean where is the following information which I was expecting in the Cancel order webhook body. and method type should be POST one, shouldn’t it be?

“order_number”: “123456”,
“fulfillment-status”: “canceled”

That is correct @khungersumit, the Information should look like that for the webhook. Let me check with the webhooks team to see if they can investigate what might be causing that (you should not be receiving a GET or HEAD, just the POST)
Contact me at twingord@shiphero.com so we can check your account settings or how to fix the 3PL setting.
I will let you know as soon as I get a response back from our engineers.
Thanks again!

Hi @tomasw

I had sent an email for this issue at twingord@shiphero.com , did you get a chance to share it with the dev team :slight_smile: