Webhooks not getting triggered

I have been using the GraphQL and have registered the webhooks events, but I noticed hooks event from Shiphero are not being triggered,
I shipped some orders, cancelled a few ones, but not getting webhooks requests.

Please help me to fix this :blush:

Sumit Khunger

Hi @khungersumit
I’m sorry to hear that!, do you happen to have an order id or any request_id?
That way I could check in the backend what is the account you are linked to and get an example for the engineering team.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @tomasw

Thanks for responding
Here is the webhooks URL format which I am registering.


Here is my order details which I canceled orderNumber: MO7, orderId: T3JkZXI6MTQzNjA0OTc4

Can you please check what is wrong here.
Was the webhook triggered for this :thinking:

Hi @khungersumit
I think that the URL might be different in this case.
I’m not posting it here because it contains a securityKey, but you can check the setting with the following Query:

query {
  webhooks {
    data {
      edges {
        node {

This is, using the Bearer from the Customer account

Hi @tomasw

Can you please share an example URL format , You can just remove or replace important stuff likes security Key…etc , It might be helpful for me.

Its something like this:


Let me know if that doesn’t help
Thanks again!


This was registered by me as well, I am doing the Shiphero Integration,
This ngrok tunnel primepenguindev is ours :joy:

First I registered it with primepenguindev and then some random port like https://0c628a5307b9.ngrok.io

I try with again and see If I get it now :slight_smile:

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Hi @khungersumit!
I was told by our engineers that a fix for the webhook has been implemented today.
Let me know if you continue to see an issue with receiving the webhook.
Thanks again!

Thanks @tomasw

I will check this and let you know If I face any issues again :slight_smile:

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