Product_add_to_warehouse fields that copy over

Hi, I’m using product_add_to_warehouse to copy products from our primary warehouse to a secondary warehouse. It seems that most fields get copied over except for BIN and VALUE. Can we get those fields copied over as well?

Hello @kolbykskk!
We are looking into this now and will get back to you once we have an answer.
In the meantime, would you please share a couple of request IDs of API calls in which you experienced this?
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Hi Tomas!

Here is a request ID: 61957cbebdebcaa3bc51207d

So it looks like the VALUE is getting copied over on this request, however the value itself seems to be incorrect. The original warehouse product has a VALUE of $42.99 but the copied product has a value of $41.99. The value used to be $41.99 on the original back in 2020 but we changed that a long time ago…

And the BIN is not getting copied over as you can see in this request.

Let me know if you need anything else!

Hello @kolbykskk!
I hope you are having a great day!
In this case, both bins, inventory bin and overstock bin, should be passed as a parameter, something like this:

mutation {
    data: {
      sku: "mySKU"
      warehouse_id: "b64hash"
      on_hand: 1
      reorder_level: 0
      inventory_bin: "A-01"
      inventory_overstock_bin: "B-01"
  ) {

This is because bins are tied to warehouses, so there is no guarantee that that particular bin will exist in the secondary warehouse. (I’m sending you a private msg on this subject)

Regarding the value field, I need to do further testing. I will get back to you soon on that matter.
Best regards,

Thank you! That makes sense. I will pass the inventory_bin along with that request then.

Let me know if you need anything else to figure out the value issue.