“Invalid id ShipHero” returned when executing purchasd_order_create
Request body:
{“query”: "mutation {product_update (data: {name: " Test products are not stored in the warehouse \ ", sku: " Test Product \ ", drop ship: false, barcode: " LO1010 \ “, needs series number: false}) {request_id complexity product {id sku}}”

Hello @zhenhubhqy, You are getting that error because you are sending ShipHero as the warehouse ID in your mutation. You can use a query like this one to retrieve all the warehouse IDs associated with your account:

query {
  account(analyze: false) {
    data {
      warehouses {
        legacy_id <- The ID you need
        identifier <- This is its name in the UI

Use one of those in you mutation and it will associate the PO to that warehouse.

Have a great day!