Puchase order webhooks timing

It seems that purchase order webhooks are sent every 15 minutes, if there has been activity. We’ve had a few recently where we receive the webhook during the physical receiving process, but then never get an updated webhook.

For instance for our PO number 1465, the timeline looks like:

  • Receiving on the dashboard first started at 08/17/2020 02:45 PM. Four items were received.
  • We received a webhook at 2:45PM containing correct receiving quantities for the 4 items (so this is good and correct so far)
  • Receiving continued, and the PO was closed at 08/17/2020 02:46 PM.
  • We never received another webhook with the additional lines received or the closure of the PO.

Is the above timeline a bug?

We can certainly poll the GraphQL endpoint regularly as a stop gap, but the cost is linear to the number of line items, so this is presumably not the best approach.

Hi @david
Thanks for that detailed description, and I apologize for the delayed response.
I was able to find logs for the exact behavior that you mentioned above.
A change has been made today for this and it should be an issue anymore.
Please let me know if it continues to happen or if you need us to manually re-send those