Questions regarding extracting data from ShipHero


I’m having an issue with one of our clients due to the fact that there is no connection between Netsuite and ShipHero. Our workflow will be as follows:

  1. create POs in NetSuite
  2. export POs from NetSuite to CSV
  3. import POs to ShipHero
  4. the warehouse will receive against a PO
  5. export PO/Receiving report from ShipHero
  6. import PO/Receiving report to NS

I’m not quite certain how to extract data for the client from ShipHero, however. Can anyone help me on this?

Thank you!

Hi @ONCMike!
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Are you planning on developing an integration using Webhooks and Queries for our Public API?

Or will you be using the Desktop app to export the information?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks! Glad to be here!

Well, we’d love to figure out how to automate this via Webhooks or the like, but ultimately, if we cannot, yes, we’ll be using the Desktop app.

Any thoughts based on my previous reply? :slight_smile:

Hi @ONCMike!
I apologize I missed your reply about this!

Import POs to ShipHero:
This can be done through

Changes done to POs:
This can be seen at
Where you can see the changes in the received quantities

Let us know if that doesn’t help!
Thanks again!

Thanks for the info! What I am also looking for is just how to extract data from ShipHero. Is there a particular method to do so? For example, say I need data from ShipHero to download and upload to Netsuite. Is there a particular method I can use for data extraction?

Hi @ONCMike!
We do have some exports, except for POs, which will need to be fetched using the Public API.
What are you looking to extract?

Thanks again!

We’re looking to extract items like a purchase order and receiving report. Thanks!

Hi @ONCMike
Thanks for the clarification!
The only reports we have on the app the mentioned above and

If you would like to get the information out from the Public API directly (you can even customize which fields to retrieve) with something like this Examples – Developer Resources | ShipHero

I apologize if this doesn’t explain it, but please let us know and we can come up with a better explanation.
Thanks again!