Receive an SKU in a PO into a specific Location via API

Hi, we are looking to import a PO and complete the following steps via API:

  1. Import the PO (this we do already)
  2. Have the PO automatically received
  3. Have each SKU received into specific locations, possibly even the same SKU into different locations

I’m guessing we can fairly easily receive the PO by updating its status but don’t want the units received into the default “Receiving” location but instead into specific locations by SKU and quantity. Is this possible via API?

Hello @TBaxter,

Thanks for reaching out!

Receiving a PO through the API requires you to do each step separately.

You can update the received quantity and statuses with purchase_order_update and purchase_order_update_fulfillment_status, respectively.

Then you can update each location you are receiving to with inventory_add or inventory_replace if you are working with a Dynamic Slotting account (1 < bins per SKU)

Have a great day!