Return Order reconciliation Question

We are creating the returns/RMA from ShipHero and this data needs to update back to our ERP system.
It is triggered by Webhook ( not guarantee ). Hence we are thinking of doing a reconciliation.
Search the returns by Date from and Date to to see all the returns orders.

There is an issue here is that the date from and to are created date in Returns, So it means if the RMA number is created on Day 1, maybe Day 7 or later, then the physical goods will arrive. Hence the only viable option for Reconciliation is to have a longer date range ( Perhaps two weeks) so that we can check also if the RMA has the goods received or not.

Is that how the other companies are managing the return for Return that originate from ShipHero?


Hi @RyanL!
Would a filter for status on the returns query work for that purpose?
Something like this:

query {
  returns(status: "pending") {
    data {
      edges {
        node {

That way you could filter by pending returns and make sure you are getting all the pending returns.
Let me know if that helps and I will make a feature request for it.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @tomasw

This will help us to find all the newly created returns order but the purpose of the reconciliation is to check for missing RMA orders found in ShipHero but not in my ERP system. Also the other main purpose is that if the same RMA order has done good receipt, then we should update on our ERP system as well.

Let me know if you have any better ideas.

Oh, I see, sorry for the confusion @RyanL
You are trying to get returns that are not on your system.
For that purpose, you could run daily tasks to get the returns created the previous day, using the Date from and Date to filters.

In this case, you could query specifically for the returns that are still pending on your system using the return ID

Hi @tomasw

Thanks. This is a good idea.


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I am still working through trying to get our systems to talk to one another. For returns, if the return is processed in Apparel magic I want to push this info into Shiphero and apply it to the Order. I do not need it to create an RA, but rather post the return all together. What is the best way to to this as I was reading this

and it seems that it is creating a return but I just need it to post it as complete

Hello that is the documentation of our REST API which is already deprecated, you should be using this documentation instead