Return Shipping Label and its API

Hello! I am working with a Returnado (third party returns platform) to try and get the following information from ShipHero:

“We can’t figure out where to find the return shipping labels, only the orders shipping labels. Would be great to know where in the API we should look”.

Thank you!

Hi @maddy.clark
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query {
  order(id: "[order id string here ]") {
    data {
      rma_labels {

It is listed under the order.
There is also and image_location as opposed to a pdf.

Hey! Heard back that Returnado is still having issues. How do they book time with someone and pay the hourly rate to work with them?

They can always check in here! We will be happy to work with them. Do you have some specifics on what they need? I can always inquire.