Return GraphQL API Query


We have a query regarding Return’s functionality in ShipHero.

How to generate multiple labels for a single return from return_create mutation?

If yes, can we mention how many labels we need from the return GraphQL API?
Can we use return_create mutation, where we can specify the number of labels required?

Thank you.

Hey @supritha,

Thanks for reaching out!
I’m going to investigate this, and I’ll keep you posted with what I find.


Hey @supritha,

That functionality does not exist in ShipHero at the moment. You will need to generate another RMA to have multiple labels.

Thanks for your patience in this matter!


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Hi @Rayanp,

Thanks for the quick reply,

Is it possible that this functionality can add to ShipHero as a request?
If yes, How long will it take to add this functionality?

Hey @supritha,

There is currently a feature request pending for this, however I’m unable to give an accurate estimate of how long this would take to make its way through the workflow. I believe it will be quite a while.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!