Send Custom Doc

Is there a method to send custom pdf to SH to print when using a supported carrier? We are currently doing this the “generate label webhook” where we are sending the courier label at the same time as the custom doc to print.

We need to replicate for when we are using DHL to ship.

Use case is for Dangerous Goods paperwork where DHL require 4 copies of a very specific form that includes weigh bill number and weight of shipment.

Hi @dngreen
I don’t think that will be possible with regular shipping methods, because we just print the ones sent by DHL.
Is the DHL label not including the required documents or do you want to print some extra document?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Tom,
No DHL don’t provide the documents. We need to complete dangerous goods form that has a number of dynamic fields that we need to update everytime. We use API2PDF to create the form.

Thanks for confirming that @dngreen
In that case I don’t think it would be possible, because using the DHL regular method will work only to send the request to DHL and get the label back (and the documents they send)

Another alternative I can think of is having a shipment update webhook and for those cases, sending an order_update mutation and saving the url to the document maybe as a packing_note?