Create Shipment without Paper PDF location

Hi Team,

We wanted to start fulfilling our order via API automatically and followed this Order Fulfillment process: Order Fulfillment – Developer Resources | ShipHero

However on Create Shipment API, it is required to input a paper pdf location but I’m not sure what values to pass in here as when we fulfil the order via mobile app the shipping label pdf is generated once the order is fulfilled.
Example shipping label pdf:

Would like to ask how can i replicae this behaviour via API? Currently i pass an empty string on paper_pdf_location in order to create the shipment but there’s no shipping label pdf created.

Looking forward for your response. Thank you.

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Hello @Altair! When fulfilling using that workflow, there is no call to a carrier or for the generic label generation. The label is expected to be part of the API fulfillment process. The field you mention is the field we expect that label in.
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Hi @tomasfd,

Thanks for the response. I understand that the label is expected to be part of the API fulfilment process and it’s a mandatory field. What I don’t understand is what value should i put on paper_pdf_location? We are not using a custom url to build our shipping labels on ShipHero as well. I tried to put an empty string to it but then whenever I tried to view the shipment it doesn’t view the pdf file.

Can you help me enlighten on this? Thank you.

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Hello @Altair! The value should be a URL to the label. If you fulfill through the API, we do not generate it. That is the field where you need to pass the URL to the PDF for the label. Our backend will then download the PDF from that URL and make it available for you to view using the “View” button in the UI. We do not generate the label if nothing is passed there, so if you put an empty string, it must be why you don’t see a label.
Hope this clears it out!!

Hi @tomasfd ,

I understand the context, but what value should I put on the label for the pdf location then? I mean currenrly we are using the label that was provided from ShipHero but I dont know where we can get that URL.Thank you.

Hi Altair,
The label we provide only gets created if the shipping is done in the UI. If you don’t ship from the UI not even the generic label for that order gets created. You will need to create a label (PDF file) on your end, upload it somewhere, and pass on the URL for us to download and attach it to the shipment/order. Let me know if you have further doubts! Have a great day!