Shipment Webhook - Missing Data

We are receiving shipment webhooks that are missing any useful data (missing tracking number, ordered items, etc). This started happening approximately a couple of weeks ago, and is increasing in frequency. Below is an example shipment ID and order number of a webhook with missing data:

shipment_id: 94779768
order_number: kJ54OzY-Tu2Yb3dU-RqFqA

Could you shed some light on what the issue is?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Sam

Thanks for that id. Is it happening to more orders? I will resend that one you mentioned, but for the others, while we look for the root cause, do you happen to have a list of them (or a timeframe)?

If you could send that data to and let them know I requested those that would be great, so I could engage the engineer in charge of the Webhooks to resend those.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for following up, @tomasw!

No need to resend the webhooks, since we’ve already processed shipments separately on our side. However, this issue is starting to affect almost every single one of our shipment webhooks. I’ve followed up with per your request. Hoping to hear back soon.

– Sam

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