Webhook - Shipment Update (DUPLICATE)


Our webhook has been added and updated last August 21 and everything is working just fine.
But we found out that we are receiving TWO data everytime you send to our webhook, starting November 4

This is the latest sample we got.
Its bothering us because we are also sending this data to clickbank and they are also sending us TWO notifications for every data you sent.

Thank you

I apologize we missed this post :pray: Are you still seeing duplicated webhooks?

In case it helps to provide a context as to why this might be happening, webhooks can be sent multiple times, for example, if we get a timeout. In those cases, we send it again to make sure it reaches its destination. To be able to handle this scenario we suggest storing the shipment_id and use that to uniquely identify and deduplicate a shipment.

We apologize again for the delayed response and please let us know if there is anything else we could help with!