Shipping_label_id is null


I have two questions related to shipping_label_id is null in line_items for Shipments data.

  1. I’ve noticed that whenever carrier: “Manually Fulfilled” in shipping_labels, “shipping_label_id”: null in line_items. Even there is id exists in shipping_labels.
    What “Manually Fulfilled” menas?

“request_id”: “605883bb2b01b86cc78001fb”,
“request_id”: “6058853836bd5f37199dce74”,

  1. There are some cases carrier is not “Manually Fulfilled” but still “shipping_label_id”: null in line_items. Even there is id exists in shipping_labels. and the other line_items’s “shipping_label_id” was populated well.

    “request_id”: “60588699764ee792bb7e42c4”,
    “request_id”: “60588803c0be09bf5f5e8a6d”,
    “request_id”: “60588848a2707bd885ada7ba”,

Thank you

Hi @heyjess
I apologize for the delayed response about this, and thanks for the detailed description!

Manually fulfilled: This means that the user manually fulfilled the order without generating a Label. When you manually fulfill an order you change the status of the order to fulfilled and you can select to remove stock or not.

This seems to be because that same line item was picked from two different locations, this is, for example:

Order 12345
SKU: 1122334455
Quantity: 2

Then the picker picks 1 from Location Bin-A, and 1 from Location Bin-B

Then if ships both of them.

They both have the same “line_item_id”: “TGluZUl0ZW06MzY4MzMxOTE0”, so this would be the way of telling that they are both the same line item

Please let us know if this doesn’t help
Thanks in advance!

Thanks for your reply!

What about the case that has different line items under same order and shipment?
“request_id”: “60633fadc4eb7bffaf722915”,
“request_id”: “6063463c422c9152595f3ed7”,

For example,
order 12345
SKU 1122334455, 1122334456
Quantity: 2

I think either cases shipping_label_id should be populated at line item level. Even they come from different locations, eventulally the items will be sent from the location to customers with shipping label attached either it’s the same label or different labels.

Hey @tomasw, is there any updates on this?

Hi @heyjess !
My apologies for the delayed response about this. We sent it over to our engineers to review it and see why those IDs might be returning Null for that order.
Thanks again for those detailed examples and the patience while we investigated this.
We will keep you updated!

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Hi @tomasw :slight_smile:
It’s been for a while since we’ve discussed this issue. Is there any updates on this?

@heyjess ,
I just checked and do not see an update on the ticket. I did scoot it up a bit in the queue but do not have an eta.

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