Shippo Integration - Transaction Metadata

Hi! I’m guessing ShipHero uses the Shippo API to create our USPS labels via transactions with one of these endpoints:

We want to use Shippo webhooks for our internal systems, but order number is not passed in as metadata.

When I export from Shippo dashboard, we can see order number in column rate__shipment__reference_1, but that is not retrievable via webhooks.

Since order number is being passed to Shippo somehow (order number is printed on label, visible in dashboard export), can we get order number passed via metadata field in the API? Hoping it’s a quick update.

Hi @garrett
Thanks for those details, I will ask around making a Feature Request for this and will let you know as soon as I get a response about it.
Just out of curiosity, have you asked Shippo to include it on the Webhooks?
Thanks again!

Thanks! I have, they insisted that they wont add label data in the transactions webhook and what we were looking for is accomplished in the transaction metadata field.

Hi @garret
I got a response back from our engineering team and we won’t be adding this. I will keep it in my notes in case it comes up again, but due to the work we are already making on the Public API, we won’t be able to take this task at the moment.
The advice given by our team was to reach Shippo and request them to send the field on the webhook.
I apologize if this is not the response you were hoping for,
Thanks for the patience

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Thank you! Seems like best practice for Shippo’s API, so perhaps one for the backlog :slight_smile: