Shopify integration with product variants


How do you manage product variants?

Lets say I have a product in Shopify such as a t-shirt and i give my customers the option to buy it in 3 different colors (White, Black and Red). And each t-shirt has it’s own SKU like tshirtblack, tshirtred and tshirtwhite. But they are all the same model of t-shirt, how does Shiphero handle this?

As far as I understand the product schema it seems we are supposed to upload each t-shirt with it’s own sku as a different product.

But we don’t want to have each one as a separate product in our shopify store, we want to have just one product and the user can choose the color then add to their shopping cart and buy and then we will know which product they want.

In your page it says you do Shopify Integration, so how do you do this?

Thank you

Hi @luispora!
Yes, you can integrate with your Shopify store. As for product variants they have their own SKU but they remain associated with the same Shopify product id .

I believe this article might be of help in connecting your Shopify store:

Hi @tomasw,

On the Schema wheres is the Shopify Product ID stored? As far as i read on the docs you sent me, Shiphero connects directly to Shopify but what if i don’t want that to be the case? What if i want to create a bridge program of my own that uses the graphql api to connect them. Is it even possible to do that or we need to use your integration?


Hi @luispora !
As for the shopify_id, we don’t display it, we just use the one provided by Shopify, so you could get that using the Shopify API and it should match the one we use.
If you want to create a bridge program the interaction with ShipHero would work as a regular Custom Integration.
I do notice there is no option for creating product variants currently using GraphQL Public API, so I will make a request for the engineers to add this and will let you know as soon as I have an update.

Hi @tomasw,

Thank you, i’ll be waiting for the good news :smiley:

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Hi @luispora
I’ve received a response for our request and we will not be adding variants to our Public API.
The reason for this is that in our UI we don’t enforce the idea of variants, being that we care about physical inventory and not really what their “parent” is.

Basically we just create a SKU for each one of the variants, treating them as individual items, and we don’t show relations between the variants.

Please let me know if you still have any questions about this or I can help by clarifying anything.
Thanks for the patience!

Thank you @tomasw,

So I suppose the best way to use Shopify with Shiphero would be via your own integration then.

Otherwise we would have to manage the variants on our own, am I correct?