The "order_update" mutation doesn't push the "shipping_address" to Shopify

Hi all,

We made a script to normalize, validate and update addresses of all new orders coming in ShipHero using the GraphQL API, we did that because ShipHero doesn’t offer address validation in Canada. The script is working great, but addresses in Shopify are not being updated by ShipHero, even if the option is checked in the settings of the store connection.

As for the graphQL I’m doing a simple order_update:

mutation {
    order_update(data: {
        order_id: "T3JkZXI6MTk4NzAzMTE1" shipping_address: {
              first_name: "XXXX"
              last_name: "XXXXXXXXX"
              address1: "70 RUE XXXX"
              address2: "APP 300"
              city: "MONTREAL"
              state: "QC"
              zip: "X2X1X8"
              country: "CA" }

Here a couple request_id:


This mutation does update the address in ShipHero, but not in Shopify.

If I change the address manually in the GUI, it does get push to Shopify, leading me to believe that the issue lies within the API.


My question is: I’m I doing something wrong? Is there something missing to trigger the push to Shopify?


Thank you,

Hans Daigle

I also submitted a ticket to support:

Hi @hansdaigle!
Thank you very much for that detailed description of the issue

We are in fact not sending those updates after you update the order through Public API, so let me send this to our engineers to check if they can change that so that it also pushes the update to Shopify.

In the meantime, we will need to update it manually in the store.
Thanks again for the details and patience while we work on this!



Hi @tomasw,

Thank you for the quick answer!

You probably get that a lot but do you have any ETA for a bugfix like this one?

Not having address validation could be really costly in the long run for us :frowning:

Hans Daigle

We have it in a queue and do not yet have a time reference for it.

Hi @Theresa,

I understand that you have many priorities. Please let us know when you have an update on this issue.

Thanks a lot,

Hans Daigle

Hi guys,

Any update on this issue?

Thank you!

Hans Daigle

It is in queue, but has not yet been evaluated at the engineering level.