Integrating with shiphero trough shopify


I am Cristóbal from deliverlitics

We have an integration with shopify to give risk (low, high, medium) and recommended action(this could be signature_verification for example) to orders based on the shipping address. We are now trying to work with shiphero integration and I have already tried the shiphero API and it is working fine, but I have a few questions that could help me develop this integration faster and better.

First one is if there is possible to send this data directly trough shopify? Can we send for example the required_signature field of shiphero trough shopify field or something? how does shiphero handle those things in shopify?

Second one is What would be the best time within the order stages to send changes to your API? Right now Im subscribing to the fulfillmend ready hook in shopify to do this…
But the thing is that we could modify this and other integrations do not interfere with this recommended action and risk value

Hi @cristobalsv

For the first question, the Order_update mutation has the require_signature field to update, and that could sync to Shopify depending on the type of connection you have between ShipHero and Shopify.
Depending on the type of connection, you could also use the Orders query to gather the require_signature and send it to Shopify.

For the second question, I’m not sure I understand the question honestly, so I would ask you to give a specific example of what change you would make and what you mean by order stages.

Have a nice day!

I mean when the order is paid, ready to fulfill or another state that the order might have… Because we want to send the risk of the order to shiphero if we send this when the order is fulfilled can other app update the same thing we are updatin through your API? if this is the case who will have the final word or how you define it? just the last one that sent the request?

This is the case if the client is working with more integrations that will alter the same field at the same time…

And the first questions was more about if the can send that change directly trough shopify without needing to use shiphero, for example we add a tag to the order that you can read as a signature_verification required

Hi @cristobalsv

We don’t have that verification to confirm the first question in our Public API.

Regarding the second one, the latest will take precedence if multiple apps alter the same field.

Have a nice day!