There was an error creating the label

I am getting an error response while trying to create a return with create_label = true;
Is it possible to get the label via email?

    "errors": [
            "message": "There was an error creating the label",
            "operation": "return_create",
            "field": "return_create",
            "request_id": "6074527395f46ea7d3ac0685",
            "code": 9
    "data": {
        "return_create": null

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Mahibur!

It looks like you are sending:

shipping_carrier: “crr_wms_1” shipping_method: "md wms 1"

And that carrier might not exist to generate a return label at

If you want to generate the return but not the label, try using create_label: false
This will generate the return but won’t try to create the label for that unexisting carrier.

Please let us know if we could provide a better explanation or there is anything else we could help with.
Thanks in advance!