Unable to create same product using API after deleting it using Web interface

Greetings team,

We encountered a strange issue where we deleted a product from the web interface but when we try to create the product again with the same details using the ShipHero API (including the same tags), it returns the error message that the product SKU exists.

We investigated and found that it was an issue with the tags of a product. Seemingly, when we delete a product that has tags on the Web interface, if we recreate the product via API without tags, the product gets created with its previously assigned tags! But if we try to create the product with the same tags as before it was deleted, ShipHero will throw an error saying that the SKU already exists.

We think this is a bug. Can you confirm if it is or it is expected behavior?


Hello @Edwin!

Can you share with me a product SKU with which you experienced this?

If I understood correctly, what you found out only happens when creating a product with the same tags it had when you deleted it, correct? What happens if you create it with tags that are not the same?

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Could you help advise Tomas, Rey?

Hi @tomasfd,

Here is the example product sku when we encountered this strange behaviour: 6821-44557#72

Yes you are correct the product_create mutation API will return this message A product with sku 6821-44557#72 already exists in the event that the product is previously deleted on Web interface with the same tag. If we recreate the product and do not pass any tags on the mutation, only it will proceed to recreate the product with the same SKU and the tags will be auto populated based from the previously assigned tags.

If we recreate the product with a different tag, it will also proceed to create on ShipHero but the previously assigned tags of the product will be replaced based on the new tag that you specified on the mutation.

Thank you.

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Hi everyone,

we are also experiencing this. From what I figured, when you delete a product from web UI, it just removes the link between product object and warehouse object. The product object itself stays there. Deleting the product via API before recreating it usually helps but it is a slight inconveniece.


@tomasfd Any updates on this please?

Hello @Edwin/@Altair!

Apologies for the late answer.

I think I might have found a bug here, I will send this to our engineers and let you know as soon as i have an update

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