Unrecognized field "extensions"

We started receiving this error in FLXPoint when communicating with ShipHero (potentially sensitive info removed):

Unrecognized field "extensions" (class com.dmx.core.integration.type.shiphero.dto.order.ShipHeroCreatedOrderWrapper), not marked as ignorable (one known property: "data"]) at [Source: (String)"{"data":{"order_create":{"request_id":"REDACTED","complexity":10,"order":{"id":"REDACTED","order_number":"REDACTED"}}},"extensions":{"throttling":{"estimated_complexity":10,"cost":10,"cost_detail":{"order_create":{"items_count":0,"cost":10,"total_cost":10,"fields":{}}},"user_quota":{"credits_remaining":1982,"max_available":2002,"increment_rate":30}}}}"; line: 1, column: 170] (through reference chain: com.dmx.core.integration.type.shiphero.dto.order.ShipHeroCreatedOrderWrapper["extensions"])

I am trying to track down if the “extensions” field mentioned was something ADDED by FLXPoint recently or if it was something which was REMOVED by ShipHero recently (as we began to see these messages yesterday).

Any insight is appreciated.

Hey @ellatech,

Thanks for reaching out. I’ll look into this matter and get back to you.


Hey @ellatech ,

You may be running into the new data coming down with every query result now. See the announcement posted the other day for more info.


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