New Shipment Export missing Customer Name field!

Sorry this is not an API question, but I’m also not sure where else I should have posted this.

The dashboard report at has been replaced with the one at - but the Export of the new report does not contain the 3PL Customer field! That’s a crucial field for us as a 3PL.

I also find that the old report page fails frequently when filters are added, but the new one loads results better - makes me think that the old one is undergoing deprecation - pls add the 3PL Customer field to the new one before the old one gets axed.

Thank you

Hey @Raj!

You should see a help button on the horizontal menu in the UI. Following that link, you can submit a ticket to our support team. I will forward your concerns, but I suggest you still make a ticket for internal follow-through.

Have a nice day!

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Got it, Thank you @tomasfd