Upload Product Image Url with a long character via API

Hi Team,

Can I check with you how can we upload the image url of the product using product_create and product_update mutation as the API doesn’t accept the url with long character due to max character limit (245 Char) on the images.src attribute.

However, when using an upload product via import csv it does accept the long URL. Can I check with you on how are we going to proceed with this via API?

This is the example image url: https://creatorapp.zohopublic.com/spaceshipsg/test-environment/Frontend_Variant_DB_Report/3332548000043878022/Photo/image-download/ZnpMXTQh71wOWN4Bft69g2Xu4GhV0waMKSDUQbHVVA2SU8ZYX5Qt8RKsjy1DKYxQ073NxHReXyrZTzAsk93v5kUPXq1TDQjkewfb/1635392168597__1635235138434_IMG_6391__1_.jpg

Thank you!


Hello @altair!

Would you mind sharing with me an SKU where you added that image with CSV?

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