Warehouse_id changing after create_order

Hi there,

I am testing order creation and have run into a problem with my warehouses.
Specifically, I have two virtual warehouses:

  1. Primary, for B2C clients
  2. B2B, for B2B clients

When a client places an order, our store knows whether it is a B2C or B2B order, and sends the correct warehouse_id info along with the order.

This works as expected as soon as the order is created: B2C goes into the Primary warehouses and B2B goes into the B2B warehouses. However, after just a minute, the warehouse changes from B2B to Primary. No automation rules are being implemented, so I am not sure what is going on.

Here is the BEFORE (as soon as the order is pulled in):

And here is the AFTER (after refreshing the page):

Any ideas as to where the issue is?


Hi @Csraspini!
It might be because of the MWA Rules or the available quantities, are you creating those orders using the Public API?
In that case, could you send the request_id?
With that id, I can check specifically for that order and have a better insight of what might be coming on.
Thanks in advance!

Hi there @tomasw ,
Thank you for your reply.

I haven’t configured any MWA rules, and all the automation rules have been turned off, too. And I’m not sure if it has to do with available quantities given that the products tested have 0 pcs on hand.

Yes, I am creating these orders via Public API. Here is an example request id: 5f96e50ee94d301bee1b8238

I look forward to your reply!

Thanks for that @Csraspini!
In that case, it won’t matter what you are sending with the warehouse_id because your account runs with Multi Warehouse Allocation Rules ( https://mwa.shiphero.com/multi-warehouse-allocation ) which will have “priority” over what warehouse_id you are sending, changing allocation to whatever the rules say (proximity, availability to allocate all items, etc.)

For that particular order as it has no inventory on any of the warehouses, it will show as N/A until it is able to allocate to one of them

For accounts with MWA Rules, the allocation is set using those rules.
Let me know if that doesn’t help or I could explain better.
Thanks again!

Hi again @tomasw, thank you for that explanation, it makes perfect sense.
At this point, I have a question: I am currently testing this on a sandbox account, which apparently runs with MWA (I didn’t remember, my bad!)… however, as far as I know, our live account doesn’t have MWA, and we’re currently not planning on using this functionality. Is there any way I can test how sending the warehouse_id will work on an account without MWA? Should I ask tech to deactivate this feature on my sandbox account?

Done @Csraspini!
I removed the MWA flag for your sandbox account (the one with the request_id: 5f96e50ee94d301bee1b8238)
So now you should only be seeing MW.
Let me know if it works ok now.
Thanks again!

Hi @tomasw, looks perfect now! Thank you for your help!

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