API Call Limits on Wayfair Connection through CartRover

Connecting Ship Hero to Wayfair for dropships on behalf of Wayfair.com and was recommended to use CartRover to connect.

CartRover is saying the EDI/Flat File upload is the only method and they update once/hour. This won’t be enough, but we’ll inquire with Wayfair to increase cadence.

On Ship Hero side, what is the API Call Limit to update inventory?

We have 1300 products, ranging from 1-3 in stock, up to 500-1000. This inventory is shared among many retail channels and needs to be updated as close to real time as possible.

What is the best method to achieve near real-time inventory updates across channels?

Hi @ChadC !
I apologize for our delayed response on this.

For big inventory updates we have these two features available:

Let me know if that won’t work for you or there is anything else we could help you with.
Thanks in advance!



Can you confirm for me the minimum time to update?

EDI / FTP connections are notorious for not synchronizing inventory at a cadence fast enough to prevent oversells. We’re hoping to get as near real time as possible. Can you confirm the quickest we’ll be able to do this?

Hi @ChadC!
How many lines will you be updating regularly?
I can provide a better estimate for that number, it will depend on the size of the file you use for updating, but I can provide a better estimate based on the updates you will be making.

Thanks again!

1300 skus, we sell 3000 pieces a day on average

Ideally every 2 min at most

Hey @ChadC!
I run a few tests and for 1000 SKUs it took 2 mins. approximate lo update the inventory.
Would that work for you?
Thanks again!


2 minutes is pretty. I’m curious the API limits. Will we be throttled or will we be able to push 1000 sku’s every 2 min?

Absolutely!, you should be able to upload one as soon as the previous one finishes

In case you need to abort the previous one you can also use the abort mutation Inventory-Sync – Developer Resources | ShipHero

Thanks again!