API carrier - Naming Problem

Hi, We are using API for creating some shipping labels. The shipping methods show as “OTHER” on our Shopify. I need that method should be seen as USPS. How can we do this?

Hi Ilay,
Please send a request-id so we can take a closer look. Thanks in advance!


What is request-id ?

Hi Theresa,

Below is given as an example in the API response documentation.
Do you have a list of valid “shipping_carrier” and “shipping_method” that are automatically recognized by Shiphero system and mapped on to respective carriers/services. So that, instead of providing arbitrary carrier names/abbreviations; we can send back legitimate values that Shiphero can understand.

“code”: “200”,
“shipping_method”: “Ground”,
“tracking_number”: “1adddsad11”,
“cost”: “5.55”,
“label”: “s3.amazonaws.com/myimages/65259502/thermaltmpyjYG5K.png”,
“customs_info”: “”,
“shipping_carrier”: “ups”

@youparcel We do not yet have a way for the Public API to be able to work with ShipHero carrier mapping. It is in a discussion.

@ilay it is return data that you can add to a mutation or query. We can then take a closer look at the code you’re using for troubleshooting purposes.

So, does that mean “shipping_carrier” and “shipping_method” fields that we send in the response are being dismissed? Because, as far as I can see, you post “Other” to marketplace/platform regardless.

Is there a way to submit at least the 3 major carriers (USPS, UPS, FedEx) so that marketplace can recognize?

@ilay, apologies, the request id would not be applicable in this situation. This case is already being looked at through our regular support channels. Please inquire there so we are not duplicating this case! Thank you!