Mapping Shipping Method in GraphQL


With the Legacy API, we could just send the “title” for shipping_lines and then the carrier and method would be generated based on a shipping > methods mapping within the shiphero UI. When I send over the below section of a graphQL order_create mutation, I just get the title but nothing is autogenerated for the method and carrier (they are left blank). Is there a way around this with a different query, or is this something on the backend that graphQL can’t do?


shipping_lines: {
title: “USPS Economy”
price: “0.00”

Legacy API (which uses the method/carrier mappings)
“title”:“USPS Economy”,

Hi @Orion!
Mapping should be working as it was on the Legacy API, this is:

shipping_lines: {
        title: "USPS Economy"
        price: "0.00"

Should be mapping to whatever you have mapped on

If it’s not working as expected, is there any chance you could share me the request_id that you get when creating an order that is not mapping correctly?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Tomas, here is the request_id not working: 5f19b20c017e5c17c9ae79fd

The “title” goes through correctly as “USPS Economy” but carrier and shipping method are blank. For legacy, they map correctly to “genericlabel” (what is currently mapped in shiphero)

Just an Update, howler bros changed the mappings in this test environment to Amazon for “USPS Economy” and still the same issue, request id : 5f19b45d017e5c17c9ae8306 – legacy is working to map carrier to “Amazon” and shipping method to “99”

Hi @Orion
I see what you are referring to, thank you very much for those request_ids, they really helped!
Try by sending:
shop_name: "Howler Bros Sandbox” in the Mutation
This is because that mapping you already have is under Howler Bros Sandbox Shop at
Let me know if you still have trouble after this.
Thanks again!