Can I test my endpoint to get Webhook for label in my local?

Hi, I’m using Webhook for label generation. But I have some questions.
According to the ShipHero API documentation, I have to contact the support team and register for my endpoint ( In this case, I have been developed my API in my local.
so after the support of Shiphero has registered my endpoint, they will send Webhook to the registered endpoint for API deployed on the server. but I’m developing API in my local.
How can I get and test Webhook status is coming from Shiphero successfully?

Hi @CleanCrazy!
For testing purposes that won’t work (pointing the webhook URL to a local instance), but you might try inspecting what is being sent/returned using the following resources:

And that will allow you to get an idea of what is being sent/returned and make those things match.

I haven’t used ngrok but it has been suggested to me, I have used mockbin, and works great!

Let me know if this doesn’t help.
Thanks in advance!

Hi, Thanks Tom
I have been used Ngrok. But it will be expired for every 8 hours.
I have a few questions.

  1. I need to register the endpoint URL for every time when Ngrok expired?
  2. I can get the endpoint from Ngrok and then need to contact the support team of ShipHero to register my Ngrock endpoint Is it possible to get the label webhook after register my Ngrok endpoint URL?

Hey @CleanCrazy!

If the URL of the endpoint changes, yes, you will need to give us the new endpoint for us to refresh it.

That is correct, you can reach us at or me at and I will update that for you, make sure to include:

and if possible something like the email from the account so I can tell to which account assign the webhook.

Thanks again!

Hi, Tom
I have sent a mail to response via mail.